Tugboat Coding


Mario Hayashi
Mario Hayashi
London, UK

Tugboat Coding offers software development on a contract basis to help you ship products reliably and on time. Tugboat brings a wealth of experience in creating web/mobile apps from scratch as well as architecting robust and reliable software. From greenfield apps to large projects, we're here to help you!


It keeps product, tech and design under one roof

Tugboat Coding works with the full stack. It keeps everything under one roof, so that we can move fast. Concretely, tech expertise that Tugboat Coding brings, among others:

  • Front-end: React, Preact, Redux, Redux Sagas, MobX; Babel, Webpack, Lerna; Balsamiq, Sketch, InVision, Figma
  • Back-end: AWS Lambda, Step Functions, RedShift, RDS, Dynamo DB, Elasticsearch, EC2, KMS, Firehose, Kinesis, Fargate, ECR, ECS, Redis, S3, Cloudfront; Google Cloud Platform, Firebase; GraphQL
  • Dev Ops: Serverless, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Docker
  • Chrome extensions
  • Logging: Sentry, AWS Cloudwatch
  • CI/CD: Circle CI, BitBucket Pipelines, Gitlab CI/CD


Tugboat believes in shipping early to validate hypotheses

Tugboat has helped architect web/mobile apps from scratch and built software at enterprise. Taking a product-minded approach, Tugboat makes the best effort to ship early to validate hypotheses quickly!


The need to maintain a regular feedback loop

Making things that people want starts and ends with the user. It's easy to get distracted by subtleties in product but we need to make sure maintain a regular feedback loop with real users. Tugboat brings experience in analytics, gathering user feedback and developing a product together with the customer.

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