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Tugboat Coding brings a wealth of experience in creating web/mobile apps from scratch as well as architecting robust and reliable software. From greenfield apps to large projects, we're here to help you! Tugboat Coding's work includes MVP development for startups as well as architecting software for enterprise.

Juno Bio

Juno Bio, BioTech Startup

Juno Bio is a biotechnology company decoding the vaginal microbiome to improve the standard of care available to women.

Tugboat Coding has been an indispensable partner for us at Juno Bio, delivering consistently outstanding projects at speed.

Among other accomplishments, Tugboat Coding delivered for Juno Bio:

  • Scientific microbiome study portal (MVP) with authentication, document e-signing and survey in 10 days
  • Microbiome results dashboard (MVP) with authentication, analytics dashboard, CRM integration and RBAC in 15 days
News UK

News UK, National newspaper publisher

News UK is a British newspaper publisher that publishes The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun newspapers. Tugboat Coding was involved with a News UK product that provides the latest results, news, views and tips for horse racing.

Among other accomplishments, Tugboat Coding helped deliver for News UK:

  • Live feed for racing results, ensuring fast delivery of racing news to 10,000s of visitors/day
  • Internal admin portal (MVP) with enterprise SSO for the management of live feed results in 8 days
  • Automated cloning of live database to help debug live issues safely and improve developer productivity
  • Design of database to allow marketing to update website deals and offers in a self-service fashion

Insurami, InsureTech Startup

Insurami is re-inventing financial due diligence and deposits in commercial real estate. Insurami's proprietary risk model enables landlords to vet customers in seconds and guard against default risk with deposit replacement solutions.

Tugboat Coding helped Insurami deliver, among other things:

  • Re-design of tenant vetting system to streamline financial due diligence for commercial landlords
  • Strategy to refactor codebase, to increase maintainability of code
  • Front-end designs for key user flows, filling UX and graphic design needs where necessary
  • Automation of data collection for the data science team, including an API integration with an external data source
  • Semantic versioning of front-end component library to separate application and presentational logic, and increase team productivity
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